Marion Grant

© Marion Grant
  My mentors, artist friends, framers, and all the people who surround me in my creative endeavors greatly inspire me. Their contribution and constant support is invaluable.


The prints and the alternative media works require an innovative eye for mounting and framing. The ‘skins’ because of their nature are particularly challenging. The large fine art prints happen to look their best face-mounted. The print is laminated to a nonglare acrylic plate that is offset from the wall, giving it a three-dimensional quality and the appearance of floating in air.

Brentano's in Soho
121 Crosby Street
NYC , NY 10012

Understanding the intricacies involved in presenting alternative media


Lucky Visuals
122 West 20th Street
NYC, NY 10011

Digital solutions, framing and face-mounting


Classic Art Forms
9009 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Fine art framing, canvases, the classical way
  Alternative Media Artists
Mary Taylor
Alternative Media Workshop Leader and Artist

Her creative inroads into alternative mediaand her workshops informed my progress

Catherine Steinmann
Photographer and Alternative Media Artist

Her show at the Tibet House opened my door
to alternative media

Seth Michael Forman
Painter and Instructor

His insights and profound knowledge are invaluable

Claude De Backer
Freelancer for the Creative Industries, Photographer

Her vision helped consolidate my vision for this site

Audra Lambert
Independent Curator, Editor-In-Chief, ANTE mag

Her language aptitude helped shape this site.

  Artist Friends
  Diane Brawarsky
  Aamir Khandwala
  Laura Silberberg
  Pam Turczyn


Thank you for your generosity in allowing me to use your beautiful photographs. 
I am most grateful. You will recognize yourself in my work.

William Farley

David Heintz

Matthew Greenstone

David Belle Isle

Safaa Kagan

Richard Lippman

Adit Merkin

Eileen Raffo

Mamta Rana

Miki Sekita


Yeh Tung