Marion Grant

© Marion Grant

In my mixed media work, there is a fluidity between representation, abstraction, western thinking, and eastern consciousness. Working with traditional and digital art media, as well as organic materials, I combine disparate elements into harmonious compositions. In my prints, I draw inspiration from ancient and classical themes and embed them into my work to create a connection between the past and present. Within my one of a kind alternative media works, articulated forms are abstracted and made ambiguous through a layering of materials. Throughout all of my bodies of work, the union of forms and content allude to the notion of palimpsest: a layering and obscuring of existing elements that makes room for new visual amalgamations. 

My process is experiential and I look to continually invent new ways to translate and represent recurring themes and archetypal imagery. The methods involved are multifaceted and incorporate an intricate procedure of combining and transforming materials. Layering is the most crucial element in my artistic practice. It acts as a key factor in my artistic expression, whether I am using computer programs to make artwork or creating work traditionally by hand. Layering allows me to combine different elements which may otherwise be disjointed, but when separated and re-arranged, allow a sense of complexity and depth. When finished hopefully this combination of imagery coalesces into a harmonious whole giving the work a new meaning. This is the essence of my work. 

Although my process is complex, I strive for simplicity in the overall effect throughout my work. I approach my artistic practice as a labor of love. I hope to inspire a sense of tranquility and compassion through my work. Ultimately, I seek to leave a positive impact and encourage peace of mind for anyone who encounters my art.